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Thimbleweed Park's new DLC lets you unbeep Ransome the Clown's sweary speech


Ron Gilbert's wilfully retro point-and-clicker Thimbleweed Park might be excellent, but it's not - thanks to its precisely structured narrative - an experience that felt like it would benefit from additional story DLC. Which is probably how we've ended up with Ransome *Unbeeped*.

Ransome *Unbeeped* is the name of Thimbleweed Park's first paid-for DLC - and it exists to do one thing and one thing alone. It entirely removes the family friendly censorship beeps that mask Ransome the clown's frequently foul-mouthed tirades.

I'll be honest, it never even occurred to me that there might be actual f-bombs and p-diddles underneath the endless procession of beeps - I'd just kind of assumed that the beeps were as written in the script. But no, there are definite swears under there, albeit seemingly nowhere near as imaginatively filthy as you might be expecting.

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You can hear some of Ransome's newly uncensored speech in the DLC announcement trailer above. Obviously, it contains some strong language, so you possibly don't want to play it out loud if you're in a board meeting, nursery, or church.

Gilbert stresses that the Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC doesn't add anything beyond the beep-free audio, so don't expect any new content aside from the sudden influx of newly liberated swears. Additionally, only the English language voice track will appear uncensored, and subtitles will remain expletive free, even after the DLC has been activated.

Still, if you're curious to play through Thimbleweed Park with Ransome's lines uncensored, the *Unbeeped* DLC is available now on Steam and GOG, and will set you back £1.69.