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Thimbleweed Park sets release dates on Switch, iOS and Android

Thimbleweed Park sets release dates on Switch, iOS and Android

Add this pocket-sized adventure to your inventory.

Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion co-creator Ron Gilbert's retro point-and-click detective comedy Thimbleweed Park is coming to Switch, IOS and Android in the next few weeks.

First off is its iOS premiere on 19th September.

Then comes the Switch version on 21st September. This will feature optional touchscreen controls in addition to the standard button scheme.

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VideoWatch: 60 minutes of Thimbleweed Park

With special guest, Ron Gilbert!

You know when you're playing a point & click adventure game, right? There you are, blitzing through puzzles one after another, until suddenly something stumps you. It can be a little frustrating, can't it? Embarrassing, at times. Yeah, well, imagine experiencing that while Ron Gilbert, the forefather of the point & click genre, watches your screen over Skype. That's pressure I never needed in my life.

Thimbleweed Park's pitch is simple: Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick are making an oldschool point-and-click adventure that looks, sounds and plays like a Lucasarts title from the late 80s. You look at Thimbleweed Park once, think "yeah, I get what they're going for", and move on. But having played nearly a half hour of it at PAX East, it becomes apparent that by staying true to its quarter century old roots, Gilbert, Winnick, and co. have created something that feels genuinely fresh in today's landscape.

New Thimbleweed Park trailer channels Maniac Mansion

Thimbleweed Park, the old-school point and click adventure game from the creators of Maniac Mansion, continues to look promising.

Ron Gilbert, who's working on the game alongside fellow LucasArts alum Gary Winnick, released a new trailer, below, which does a decent job of setting the scene. Special Agent Ray, one of five playable characters, narrates.

A quick refresh, via the official blurb:

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Maniac Mansion creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Thimbleweed Park

Ex-LucasArts legends Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have launched a Kickstarter for what they're calling "the true spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island."

"Thimbleweed Park is a new game that cuts to the core of what made classic point & click adventure games so special, and done by the actual people who spawned the genre," the Kickstarter proclaimed. "It's deep, it's challenging, it's funny, it's everything you loved about adventure games."

It's easy to draw a connection between Thimbleweed Park and Double Fine's trendsetting Kickstarter-based point & click adventure Broken Age, but this is different in that it's actually trying to pretend that all of the advancements in technology and game design over the last 25 years never happened.

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