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Watch: Thimbleweed Park and the best games for Twin Peaks fans

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

1990s TV drama Twin Peaks left a lasting impression on pop culture, with its iconic setting, idiosyncratic weirdness and pervading air of supernatural menace. It's been hugely influential not only in film and tv, but in videogames as well.

There are shades of the show in upcoming retro point and click adventure game Thimbleweed Park, with its FBI agents, diner action, and mysterious murder, but for Twin Peaks fans looking forward to the new series, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Twin Peaks-like games, as we discover in this week's Show of the Week.

Much like Twin Peaks, upcoming first-person thriller Get Even is difficult to describe. You play as a gruff Sean Bean soundalike who wakes up in an abandoned asylum, with mysterious texts telling him to save a girl.

What follows is a mind-melting combo of detective work, time travel and mysterious VR headsets. Watch Luke from Outside Xtra and I try to fathom just what on earth is going on in this Get Even gameplay.

We recently recalled the achievements that took more planning than a piss-up in prohibition-era Pittsburgh, and asked if the Outside Xbox audience had their own tales of achievements that put them through the organisational wringer.

The answer was yes, they definitely did have those. Finally in this week's Outside Xbox video sampler, see those very achievements submitted for your consideration in the comments of that earlier video.

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