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Thief sneaks into stores in February

Box art revealed.

Edios Montreal's Thief reboot is slated for a 28th February release in Europe and PAL territories, with North America getting it on 25th February, publisher Square Enix has announced. It will be out on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

The new CGI Gamescom trailer below notes the release date in its North American trailer, but curiously doesn't in the European one. No matter, as Square has confirmed the release date as well as shown off its official box art.

The trailer depicts Thief's grim city of The City (clever name there, chaps) where class warfare between the affluent Baron Northcrest and the oppressed citizens - led by a bearded fellow named Orion - are at an all-time high. Naturally Garrett, everyone's favourite "Master Thief," is around to do his Robin Hood act.

For more on the game, Tom Bramwell previewed Thief back in April where he said, "there's a lot to be encouraged about."

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