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Thief (2014) - walkthrough, safe combinations, puzzle solutions, loot locations

We're bringing you a complete walkthrough for Garrett's first adventure in nearly a decade – and we'll help you get every collectible item too.

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Garrett last prowled his way through a city of shadows, but 2014 finally sees the rebirth of a franchise that many assumed had slipped into shadowy obscurity for good. As well as making a return to its traditional PC home, this new and re-vitalised series has also sprung into action on the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, not to mention the old.

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As well as a decent sized campaign to work through, there are plenty of special collectible items to forage around for along the way. We've broken our walkthrough down into the individual chapters of the game, and we've ensured you'll grab all of those set items as you make your way through each stage of the campaign.

Thief - Prologue, unique loot, Glittering Plumage, Voyeur's Diary
The opening section of Thief serves mainly to introduce you to some of Garrett's more useful sneaky tricks, such as snuffing out candles to create a little more shadow, and minimising disturbances. Brief though this prologue section is, there's still a collectible or two to pick up along the way.

Thief - Lockdown, safe code, Jeweler's Shop, Lyegrove's Letter, Jeweled Mask
In the first real chapter of the game, you'll have to sneak Garrett into a jeweller's shop so he can get his grubby mitts on a precious mask. Unsurprisingly, the owner of the store is somewhat less keen on this objective. Our guide to this fun heist will help you get in, get the loot, and get out again without so much as a scratch.

Thief - Dust to Dust, painting puzzle, client loot, collectible items
You'll be given a new tool - the wrench - for Garrett's journey through this industrial area, and you'll need it for sneaking your way through the vents that are littered throughout the stage. You'll face many more guards in this second chapter, so if you're struggling to sneak your way through, use our straightforward walkthrough.

Thief - Dirty Secrets, podium puzzle, opium cooker, symbol locations
If you've ever wanted to creep around a brothel and silently execute everyone inside, well, we probably can't help you to be honest. What we can do though is help you get through this chapter of Thief with a superbly sneaky trick that eliminates just about every resident with the flick of a switch. Follow our route through this part of the game and you'll also snag every last collectible at the same time.

Thief - A Friend in Need, Great Safe combination, rescuing Basso, collectible items
The fourth main chapter of 2014's Thief is the largest so far, and has plenty of entertaining stealth sections, along with a clever puzzle or two. You'll certainly find it useful to take a few of the Shady Merchant's tools along with you while working through this chapter, so use our guide to get suitably armed before setting out on your journey.

We've got your back - in the nicest possible sense, of course...

Thief - The Forsaken, Night Warden, kill Freaks, safe code, raise gates
Thief's asylum is packed full of some extremely aggressive enemy types. From the Night Warden to the Freaks who populate the lower level of this institution, it's safe to say you'll need your wits about you if you want to make it outside again in one piece. If you follow the advice in this section of our guide, you'll find dealing with these threats much more manageable.

Thief - A Man Apart, Secret Room guide, locked chest, machine controls, bridge escape
Puzzles and platforming accompany the usual assassination action in the seventh part of our walkthrough for the new Thief. We'll help you pick apart both the people and the puzzles, while gathering all the items you need for your collections too.

Thief - The Hidden City, Thief-Taker General tactics, Graven City guide
The penultimate chapter of Thief's main campaign concludes with a fight against the Thief-Taker General himself. We've got a very simple tactic for this fight that will turn the tables in your favour. Take a look through our guide to The Hidden City section of the game for all the help you could possibly need.

Thief - The Dawn's Light, kill Primal Erin, Primal Stone guide, find the Dawn's Light
Ready for the final encounter with Erin? Our walkthrough for the final chapter of Thief contains a very simple strategy for wrapping up the main campaign. If you've not worked through the earlier parts of this guide, make sure you've purchased the Bow Upgrade and can use Fire Arrows - you're going to need 'em.

Thief - All safe codes, safe locations, safe combinations
There are plenty of safes right there for the cracking across Thief's main campaign and client jobs. To save you from having to rummage through all of the documents you've picked up on your journey, we've pulled together all the combination codes you need for getting at the treasure inside.

We've got essential guides to even the trickiest bonus client jobs too.

Thief - Client Job 1: Hand Tailored, Eelbiters, Automaton's Mechanical Hand, secret loot
As well as the main story campaign, there's a selection of client jobs to get stuck into in this year's Thief. Don't expect adventures with the same sort of depth as the main mission, but they do generally offer a little more freedom when it comes to strategy. First up is our guide to completing Hand Tailored.

Thief - Client Job 2: Happy Medium, Thieving Challenges, all rewards
You'll need to take a very specific approach if you want to complete Happy Medium while adhering to the demands of every Thieving Challenge. Use this part of our guide to finish Thief's second client job off in style.

Thief - Client Job 3: Silence is Golden, Voice Box, Thieving Challenges guide
There are a handful of very easy bonus rewards to grab from Thief's third client job, but you'll need to follow a very specific path to get them all in one sitting. This part of our guide will get you through the job nice and quickly, while getting you rich at the same time.

Thief - Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur, safe combination, find the Automaton's Hand
You won't be able to complete all four of the extra challenges in this client job in just one attempt, but we can help you get the first three. If you're struggling to find the combination for the safe, we've got you covered too.

Thief - Client Job 5: Sideshow Attraction, free Ysabella, kill Eelbiters, combat takedowns
To complete Thief's fifth special client job, you'll have to infiltrate a building and free Ysabella from the clutches of the Eelbiters. Danger lurks around every corner in this tense mission, so refer to our guide if you need a little help getting through it.

Thief - Client Job 6: Heartbroken, Clockwork's puzzle, Project Pendulum, unlock Working Overtime
Thief's sixth and final client job is the fiddliest of them all, and if you make a single mistake you'll find it impossible to pick up all the loot you need for the bonus challenge reward. Follow our step-by-step guide though and you'll clean up in no time.