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Thief achievement asks you not to rush through the game

Award unlocks when you finish "in 15 hours or more".

Stealth adventure Thief includes an achievement for taking your time - to unlock it you'll need to play for at least 15 hours prior to finishing the game's story.

"Predatory Drive", worth 30 Gamerscore, is presumably designed to encourage players not to run and gun through the whole adventure.

Stop! Have a sneak around. Maybe smell some roses.

The award was leaked along with the rest of the game's list by Xbox Achievements. It makes a change from the typical time-based challenges which require players to finish within a certain time - rather than outside of it.

Thief is being designed for both longtime fans of the stealth series and impatient newcomers who may want a more fast-paced experience.

"I'm not sure the new Thief is going to be a game about subtlety or one that will need such a careful ear," Paul Dean wrote last week in Eurogamer's latest Thief preview. "It feels faster and fiercer, but also smaller, something that could appeal to more action-oriented players and which isn't likely to sit comfortably with fans of the old series.