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Thief 4 now a PS4 and next Xbox game - report

Will launch late next year, apparently.

Thief 4 is now a PlayStation 4 and next Xbox game, according to a new report.

It'll launch late next year alongside the expected release of the next-generation of consoles, the Official Xbox Magazine (via CVG) claimed.

Thief 4 is being made by Eidos Montreal, which currently has four teams on the go: one for Deus Ex, one for Thief, a playtest team and a quality assurance team.

It was announced over three years ago, in May 2009. The official Thief 4 website has been dormant since it launched.

In January this year developer CVs suggested the game would feature online capabilities and run on Unreal Engine 3. And, before that, in 2011, a series of purported Thief 4 storyboard images dating back to 2010 hit the web. They're below.

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