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There are more of us playing Rainbow Six Siege on Steam now than ever before

Free play event and new content have tempted new operators to get involved.

Rainbow Six Siege has just topped it's highest ever Steam concurrent-user peak, six years after its initial debut.

Thanks to the perfect storm of a free play event and fresh Year Six content, kicking off with the newly-released Crimson Heist, yesterday the shooter clocked up 201,053 concurrent users - it's highest ever peak, according to SteamDB.

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Prior to this new record, the highest number of concurrent users was set back in March 2020 with a little shy of 200,000 simultaneous players.

While many of us remain in lockdown right across the world, it's nonetheless an impressive feat for a game over half a decade old. It'll be interesting to see how many new recruits are tempted to stick around after the free event expires (thanks, PCGN).

Over an hour of gameplay from a Rainbow Six: Parasite technical test leaked yesterday, giving us our first peek of the game running in any form. If you missed it, however, you missed out - the video was swiftly removed.

The gameplay streamed live on Facebook Gaming from someone who claimed to have recently received an invitation to play a Rainbow Six: Parasite technical test on PC.

Ubisoft originally announced Quarantine back at E3 2019. Last October, with little more revealed about the game or its development progress, Ubisoft delayed Quarantine and various other projects due to the impact of Covid. The pandemic was also cited as a reason why the team is moving away from the name "Quarantine" and while no replacement title has been publicly shared at this time, for now Ubisoft is calling it "Parasite".

Parasite was originally announced for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Previously set for launch in 2020, it will now arrive at some point this year, though a final release date has yet to be confirmed.

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