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The Witcher 3 - Wraith from the Painting, Iris' Greatest Fear, Olgierd

How to kill the painting Wraith, then discover and correctly place Olgierd's items in The Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone expansion.

After defeating the caretaker you'll be given a key to the house. Before entering, head to the rear of the garden and collect the hairbrush from the far left corner. Now enter via the back door and make your way through the house.

After a short cutscene, collect the sketch book from the table and then head upstairs. Now make your way through the open door to the left, onto the balcony, and into the bedroom. The other door will open now, and as you enter the lights will dim and a wraith will attack.

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Boss Fight: Wraith from the Painting

This particular creature has more powerful attacks than those of your normal wraith, and when the monster's low on health it'll disappear into one of the paintings on the wall. When it emerges, it'll be fully healed, and so you need to keep it in the centre of the room, away from the walls, and ensure you kill it quickly. Lay down a Yrden, use Specter Oil if you have it, and keep the boss busy at all time - pinning it in the corner near the door you entered through can also be a massive help.

Locate and place all of the items

Once the wraith is down, head to the bedchamber, collect the quest item from the end of the room, then examine the body on the bed. You'll end up downstairs. Head through the front door and to the far left of the garden, examine the easel, then bury the remains. Put the hairbrush on the grave, then summon the ghost to be transported into a painting. Watch out for the specters and the clouds of ghost bees that inhabit the garden, and note that you can't meditate while inside the painting.

There are two "memories" outside - one in the south-east and another in the north-east corners. Visit both of them, and use Witcher Sense to locate three items. When you're done, place the items as follows:

South-east corner:

Olgierd's hand - Book: "Spirit From the Steppe"

Table - Painter's palette

North-east corner:

Iris' hand - Glass

Once the last item has been put into place, a large specter will spawn. Kill it, then head inside. Examine the painting at the far end of the wall, then light the fire in the fireplace, the candle nearest the fireplace, and the one in the middle.

When you're done, another specter spawns, and a door will open after you've killed it. Head on through, go up the stairs, and return to the bedchamber. Pick up the towel from the floor and place it on the washstand next to Olgierd, then - when the next door opens - go through. Pick up the goblet from near the window and the bowl of fruit at the back of the room, examine the painting in progress, then position the items you collected on the table next to Olgierd (from left to right: grapes, goblet, apple).

Follow the markers to the study, defeating specters as you go. Once there, collect the chalk and candles from the back of the room, then examine the pentagram on the floor. Place the candles on the circle surrounding the pentagram, then - when the fire breaks out - examine the painting with the snow coming out of it.

You can't last long in the storm, so don't hang around to admire the scenery. Instead, head straight to the right of the steps leading to the house to find an open cellar hatch. Head through the door at the end and then use Witcher Sense to examine the area. Pick up the items littered about the place, then put the mug in Olgierd's hand and the marriage contract in Iris' father's hand. Now fight off the spectres.

Head up the stairs, then use Witcher Sense to examine the room. Collect the items and place the large bowl in front of the dog, the small bowl in front of the cat, and the food tray in the caretaker's hands. Head to the marker, read the letter on the table, and then prepare to do battle.

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Boss Fight: Iris' Greatest Fear (Ethereal)

You'll be fighting against several undead Olgiers here. They only attack one at a time, but they move very quickly and have a fast attack, so dodging is essential. The boss is vulnerable to specter oil and Blizzard potion, and a combination of dodging, parrying, and running in for a quick flurry of attacks should see the threat minimised.

Once the fight is over, speak to Iris and take the rose to complete the quest.

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