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The Witcher 3: An Elusive Thief

Everything you need to know about completing An Elusive Thief, the next devilish Contract in The Witcher 3.

First of all, make sure you pick up this quest by visiting the Notice Board that's over on the north side of Novigrad's Hierarch Square. The premise of this quest is that an imp has been making a nuisance of itself by pinching things all over town. Sylvester Amello is accordingly offering a decent reward to anyone who can deal with this menace.

An Elusive Thief walkthrough

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To get things started, make your way to the market at Tretogor Gate during daylight hours. Track down Sylvester, ask for a description of the miscreant, and then ask what the creature stole. If you want to haggle for a greater quest reward, now's the time to do it - otherwise, begin your investigation of the area.

How to find the doppler

Turn on your Witcher Senses and scout out the area until you've located the prints by the sentry turret. Follow this trail in a southerly direction until you get near the gate. Next, look for the stationary guard and keep your eyes peeled for the loot dropped by your target.

Next, take a look at the big walls and follow the prints that run over the ivy towards the entrance. Now look over to the other side to where the trail leads into the water. Clamber over the wall and approach the river to where the track picks up again.

At this point, you'll notice that the paws have become regular footprints. Keep following the path they create until you come to a house. Go inside.

You'll find a note after entering if you switch on your Witcher Senses. Read the letter from within your journal, and you should learn some interesting intel for your quest.

Keep tracking the smell downstairs and then outside. Keep heading east until you come to a bunch of people chatting. Talk to the Redanian guard and work your way through all of the dialogue. Eventually the elf will run off after protesting. Challenge the guard until it transforms and attempts to run off.

Follow this strange creature - using your minimap if needed - then grab your foe as you head beneath the wooden bridge. At this point the enemy will transform into something rather familiar - you!

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Kill the doppler quickly

To avoid being destroyed by your own awesomeness in the long run, try to kill the creature as quickly as you can. When it tries to surrender, either kill it and grab your well-earned trophy, or tell it to get going. Choose the latter option and you'll get some shiny loot.

Head back to Sylvester and bring him up to speed. Note that you'll only get the full quest reward if you bring back the trophy.

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