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The Witcher 3 - Big Feet to Fill, Paperchase, But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play, The Words of the Prophets Are Written on Sarcophagi

A guide to every one of the expansion's side-quests.

This page covers Big Feet to Fill, Paperchase, But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play and The Words of the Prophets Are Written on Sarcophagi. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 Blood and Wine walkthrough can help.

Big Feet to Fill

Complete Contract: Bovine Blues to unlock this.

Talk to the foreman and he'll place some markers on your map. Head to each one in any order and sort out the troubles you find:

  • Visit the building site: There's nothing to actually do here, but if you visit it first then each time you complete one of the sub-quests you'll get a view of how work is progressing.
  • First Group: Fight off the bandits that are attacking the wagon.
  • Second Group: Head to the riverbank near the bridge and wake up the drunken workers.
  • Third Group: Kill the wolves in the area, then use Witcher Sense to examine the two dead horses before following the trail of footprints. As you climb the slope you'll encounter a Spriggan, and once he's been taken out examine the small opening in the rocks to find the missing workers.
  • Fourth Group: Head for the camp and use Witcher Sense to pick up the trail. Follow it, defeat the Kikimores and burn their eggs, and then examine the nest to learn of the workers' fate.
  • Fifth Group: Defeat the handful of bandits and then talk to the merchant to free him.

Once the tasks are complete return to the foreman to collect your reward and admire the fruits of your labour.

We made etoile blanche from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Character Updates: Guillaume and Vivienne

Talk to Guillaume in the dock area near the bakery, north of the Nifgaardian Embassy. The specific prerequisites are unknown.

Depending on the outcome of The Warble of a Smitten Knight the character entries will be updated.


Given by an NPC in the square outside the westernmost armourer in Beauclair - the specific prerequisites are unclear.

Talk to the merchant and then head for the marker. Talk to the teller and then head for the next marker to get from A-38. Now go upstairs to be told you need form 202, and leave the office. The chap near the door is understandably miffed that you jumped the queue, and security will kick you out when he starts raising hell. Have a quick brawl with him outside, then head back in to get form 202 but the clerk has moved. Follow her scent trail back to the first window - they're on a break, so now you need to sit and wait. You can play Gwent with your fellow waiter if you want, or you can just pass the time. When the waiting is over you can head to the merchant and buy a bunch of flowers or a bottle of perfume and offer it to the teller as a gift or you can just rely on your charm. Eventually you'll get to see the manager, and after a bit of persuasion he'll take you to your deposit box. Head into the vault and open it up to learn the inevitable. Give Cianfanelli a week and then return to collect your dividend and The Reckoner Magic sword.

But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play?

Across the lake directly to the west of Lebioda's Gate. Technically a Hidden Treasure, but included here as it's more complex than normal.

Examine the corpse and read the diary. Activate your Witcher Senses and retrace the footsteps to find the starting candle - if you get lost it's the one immediately to the right if you're standing at the corpse looking into the open area. Light the rest in sequence (the footprints now appear more clearly) and then head to the centre of the area. Apply Specter oil to your sword and get ready with Yrden, and drink the wine that's in your Quest Items inventory. The Phantom of the Ampitheatre will appear and needs to be taken down, but it's a fairly standard wraith fight with no surprises so once she's down loot her remains to find a key. Use it to unlock the grated door behind the collapsed pillars in the south edge of the amphitheatre to find the treasure.

Our Witcher 3 walkthrough and guide can help you with the main story, including the Wandering in the Dark and Family Matters missions, and eventually, one of several Witcher 3 endings. There's plenty of side content, too, including Witcher 3 Contracts, White Orchard quests, Velen quests, Novigrad quests and Skellige Isles quests. Elsewhere, learn about the best Witcher 3 builds, the best Witcher 3 mods, how to make money in Witcher 3, find Places of Power locations, and learn how to do Witcher 3 crafting and Witcher 3 Alchemy And when you're done with all those - we can help you through expansions with our Hearts of Stone walkthrough and Blood and Wine walkthrough.

The Words of the Prophets Are Written on Sarcophagi

Use Aard to knock down the wall in the Lebioda Monument (west of the statue), defeat the Wraith, and loot his remains to activate this quest.

The Beggar can be taken down the same as any other Wraith, just watch out for his knockback ranged attack. Once he's down loot the skeleton next to him then head back through the hole you made and place his remains in the sarcophagus to your right to put him to rest.

Head to the next page for a guide to the quests Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man, Of Sheers and a Witcher We Sing.

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