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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Contracts

Kill monsters, get money; a guide to completing all the DLC's bounty hunts.


The Witcher 3's best moments are often found off the beaten path, when you're deep in the business of being a Witcher. Blood & Wine is no different in that regard, and to help you on your way here's a rundown of the contracts you can expect to find in CD Projekt's excellent expansion.

Big Game Hunter

Found on a noticeboard outside the Cockatrice Inn. Head for the marker and talk to the Count. Accept his request, and in the morning take a look at the map. This is an escort mission, so pay close attention to his health as you lead him and his ridiculous headgear around, although if you're careful he'll be in no danger for most of the quest.

  • Panthers: When you reach the Panther zone you'll disturb a bear, but your charge wants to avoid bloodshed so skirt to the right to stay out of its range as you use your Witcher Sense to track the big cats. When you're close enough the Count will move to a better vantage point. Use Axii on the trapped Panther to calm it and then release the trap, then as soon as his flash has fired beat a retreat towards the next marker.
  • Centipedes: When you reach the centipede area use Witcher Sense to follow the sounds underground. You'll eventually reach the nest, so while the Count waits at a safe distance examine the marked areas until he approves of your position (the left-most one meets both safety and visual requirements) and then wait for him to join you. When he's in position toss a Samum bomb towards the nest.
  • Peacocks: When you reach the marker pick up the feather then use Witcher Sense to follow the scent trail. Pick up the next feather and carry on along the trail, and when the Count runs off to get in position wait for him to shout that he's ready and then fire a few blasts of Axii into the flock.

Unfortunately all the ruckus attracts a centipede. Stand on the path just below the Count and fire off a Yrden trap. With any luck the centipede will emerge in the middle of it and give you a few free shots, but if you don't wipe it out quickly then make sure you lure it away from the hapless photographer before continuing the battle. Once it's dead you'll end up back at his camp - agree to come and look at his paintings, and head to Francollart after at least a day has elapsed. Examine the Count's "masterpieces" and then talk to him to end the contract.

Feet as Cold as Ice

Given by an NPC in the courtyard near the Nilfgaardian Embassy signpost. Head for the marked area and look for a small encampment. François is napping against a crate near the tent, so wake him up and offer to help out. Follow him down the hill to the cave and have a look around - examine the nearby plant, some debris and a skeleton on the far side, and the roots blocking the other passageway. Read the bestiary entry then equip Igni and burn the flowering plants around the cave to lure the beast inside. The Grottore will summon Archspores during the fight, and you need to keep François alive too, so try and keep the monster trapped where he entered and take him out with a combination of Relict oil and Igni. Speak to Françcois and return to his beloved to finish the contract.

The Monster of Tufo

From Flovive noticeboard. Talk to Monsieur de Bourbeau - he's an insufferable snob, so either suck it up and be polite or be straight with him. Either way he'll eventually give you a bit of detail on the problem and a key to the cellar. Make your way down the slope and through the door, wait until nightfall, and examine the broken dishes on the floor. After the earthquake has subsided use Aard to break down the wall in the south east corner, and head down the tunnel.

Once you reach the bottom clear out the Kikimores and then use Aard to knock down the pile of rocks blocking the path, and defeat a few more Kikimores on the other side. Burn any eggs you find, examine the holes around the sides of the cave, and then climb into the tunnel on the north edge. Burn the remaining eggs and examine the cracked floor before returning to the surface. Talk to Madame de Bourbeau to find out more about the missing peasant and head to his last known whereabouts.

Use Witcher Sense to examine the basket, wine-stain, and footprints, then follow the trail. When it splits follow the left set of footprints - after a while they'll mysteriously change from a man's to a monster's, and a little further on you'll see something next to a tree stump. Examine it and then keep on the trail - ignore the first Entrance marker you find and keep going to find another, and head inside.

The first obstacle you'll encounter is a pair of Giant Centipedes, but once the coast is clear use Witcher Sense to pick up the trail on the far side and follow it until you reach a large cavern - if you spot Sewant Mushrooms on the way pick them now as it'll save time later. Head inside and look around, and then head to the south eastern edge to find a fresh corpse. Gather some blood, and pick up the nearby pendant, then hunt for Sewant Mushrooms if you didn't grab them already. Brew the bait, equip it, and spread it around in the marked areas on the minimap to summon the Shaelmaar. You've already fought one so you should know the drill - use bombs or Aard to lure it into running into a wall, and then stab at it when it's upturned - but this one does a little more damage and has the added peril of rocks falling from above to deal with.

Once he's dead, collect your trophy and return to collect your reward. If you collected the pendant in the cave you can tell Monsieur about it our keep quiet, but the reward is the same either way.

Bovine Blues

From Flovive noticeboard. Head to Ardaiso Quarry and talk to the foreman, then head for the dead cow/workman. Deal with the Alghouls that are scavenging, and then make a thorough examination of the mess. Next, make your way to the high ground behind the crane and examine the marks on the broken support then follow the blood trail to an outdoor distillery. Kill the Rotfiends, examine the bloodstains on the ground near the stills, then pick up the trail again. Examine the large mark on the ground up ahead and then resume following the trail until you end up below the nest. Climb the hill and deal with the two Slyzards up top, destroy the nest if you wish, and then collect your reward.

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