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The Sims 4 goes a little bit Hogwarts in wizardy new expansion Realm of Magic

Out next month on PC and Mac.

The Sims 4 is going a little bit Harry Potter in its latest, and distinctly wizardy, expansion Realm of Magic, which is coming to PC and Mac on 10th September, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release scheduled for 15th October.

Realm of Magic introduces the sleepy town of Glimmerbrook as a new neighbourhood, largely unremarkable save for the fact that it hides a portal to another, rather less mundane world.

Sims that step on in can earn their magical stripes through questing, magical study, and from fellow spellcasters. Spells, once learned, can affect the world in a variety ways, from conjuring food out of thin air to making Sims quarrel, and it's even possible to do a spot of transmogrification should anyone get on your wrong side.

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Spells aren't the be all and end all of your magical career though; potions can be brewed with the power to remove unwanted curses, or to make Sims fall in love or live forever, while magical Sims can also dual with one another, and even call upon their familiars to protect them.

And because it's the Sims, Realm of Magic includes a variety of new thematically appropriate outfits, decorations, and items - including wands and brooms, of course.

Realm of Magic falls under the mid-tier banner of Game Pack in Sims 4 expansion parlance, meaning that it should, assuming it follows the usual pricing formula, cost £17.99 when it comes to PC and Mac on 10th September.