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The Medium story guide, mission list and tips

Our story guide for The Medium on PC, Xbox Series X and S.

The Medium is a psychological horror game created by Bloober Team and released on the PC, Xbox Series X and S.

It follows Marianne, the titled medium, as she's mysteriously summoned to the abandoned Niwa Hotel. There she must use her powers to uncover the secret history of the hotel and help the spirits trapped within its grounds.

Our The Medium story guide lists all the missions you must complete to help you pinpoint exactly where you are in the game and give you an idea about what you'll have to do next. We've also included a list of tips to help you fully enjoy The Medium.

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How The Medium's story and missions work explained

The Medium is a linear game that has you complete a series of missions, which involve completing a number of objectives. These objectives are tied to the current locations that you can explore and inform you on what to do next.

You'll often have one main mission , 'Say goodbye to Jack' for example, which is then divided up into a number of smaller goals that will all help you complete that main one. Once you've completed the overall mission, you'll move onto the next part of the story, often after watching a cutscene.

It's important to note that there are sections of The Medium, especially in the latter half of the game, that don't have any objectives. For this reason, we've included a small overview of what you're meant to do in those situations to help you complete the game.

For more information, including an estimate on how long it will take you to complete The Medium, check out our The Medium length guide.

The Medium story guide and mission list

Here you'll find a complete list of all the missions you need to complete in The Medium arranged in chronological order. Don't forget to visit our The Medium's achievements page, so that you can grab every achievement during your playthrough.

As mentioned above, the game doesn't always tell you what to do next, especially in the latter half, so we've filled in the gaps to help you out. You can also find links to other Medium guides on this list - just be aware of the spoilers that lie below.

Say goodbye to Jack

  • Find the tie clip
  • Get to the Funeral Home
  • Prepare Jack for his last journey
  • Check upstairs

Find Thomas

Escape the monster

Find Richard

  • Follow Sadness
  • Find a way into the Dayroom
    • Get the bolt cutters
      • Follow the spirit trail
      • Return to the mirror
      • Send Bernard's soul away
      • Send away the souls of the other victims - The conference room puzzle
  • Enter the Dayroom

Investigate the Dayroom

Free Richard from his demons

Find the Red House

  • Make your way through the forest
  • Follow the dog
  • Investigate the camp
  • Escape the monster

Find a way through the ruins

  • Open the gate
  • Get rid of the monster

Find the Red House

  • Investigate the tool shed
  • Investigate the burned-down house

Find a way to stop Henry

Investigate the Red House

Make your way through the underground corridors

  • Pump out the water to clear the way

Investigate the bunker

  • Turn the generator on
  • Find a new fuse
  • Fix the generator
  • Find the missing mirror pieces

Make your way to the lake

Tips and tricks for The Medium

Here are some tips and tricks to help complete Marianne's journey in The Medium:

  • Run when you can. Marianne walks rather slowly, so, even if you're not in danger, make sure you're running.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to both worlds. Marianne can move between the material and spirit world, affecting both as she does so. If you ever find yourself stuck, it's most likely because you've forgotten to do something in one of these two worlds, so, retrace your steps and fully examine both versions of a room, until you find the solution.
  • Keep track of Marianne's spirit power level. You can keep track of Marianne's power when she's in the spirit world by looking at the white rings around her arm. These will slowly decrease when you use her abilities and increase when you recharge at a spirit well.
  • Listen to the whispers. As you explore the Niwa Hotel, you'll find items that have traces of the people who once stayed there, which manifest as glowing gashes on certain items. When you're close to one of these special objects, you'll be able to hear the spirits whispering, so keep an ear out.
  • Wear headphones. As the game suggests, it's a good idea to hear headphones while playing The Medium, because it will help you hear the whispers of the spirits and even the footsteps of the Maw.
  • Investigate each location thoroughly. Nearly every location you visit in The Medium has either an item you need or something that will give you insight into the plot, so make sure you properly explore each room you visit.
  • Examine everything you can. There are many objects to examine in the Niwa Hotel and many hide little pieces of information that will help you in both completing the game and experiencing it's full story.
  • Collect the notes, postcards and pictures. Hidden within the Niwa Hotel and it's grounds are a selection of papers that will give you hints about what truly happened. By finding every one, you'll be able to fully understand exactly what happened there.

Good luck in your journey through the Niwa Hotel!

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