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Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One get cloud gaming this Christmas

Take flight.

Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One get cloud gaming this Christmas, Microsoft has announced.

During its Gamescom 2021 Xbox stream, Microsoft said Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get access to over 100 games from the cloud on the consoles.

This has the added benefit of letting you play games before you install them. Microsoft uses the example of Sea of Thieves, and the ability to jump into a multiplayer game with friends as soon as you get an invite - and without having to wait for an install.

Cloud gaming also means Gen 9-only Xbox games (what Microsoft calls current-gen games) such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Medium are playable on the last-gen Xbox One via the cloud.

Cloud gaming on Xbox consoles supports up to 1080p and 60fps "to ensure the highest quality experience across the broadest set of devices", Microsoft added.

That's the same performance Xbox Cloud Gaming currently offers across PCs, phones and tablets.

On Xbox consoles, you navigate to Xbox Game Pass and look for games with the cloud icon. Here's how it looks:

You then click the play button:

Testing begins this autumn as part of the Xbox Insider program.

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Xbox Series X/S, PC

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