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The Medium length: How long it takes to beat the story and how many missions there are explained

Here's how long it will take you to complete The Medium.

The Medium's length is probably one of the things you're wandering about if you're considering playing the game, especially if you want to try it out through Game Pass.

To help you out, this guide covers exactly how long the Medium is and how many missions the game consists of. This way, you can decide whether you want to invest your time in this psychological horror game.

If you've already decided to play the game, however, check out our guides on the finding the tie clip, conference room puzzle, the secret door code, The Medium's achievements, finding Thomas's hidden room and The Medium story guide for a selection of tips for the game.

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The Medium length: How long does it take to beat The Medium?

How long it takes you to complete The Medium will depend on whether or not you want to spend time hunting down all the Memos (the game's version of the collectibles) hidden away in and around the Niwa Hotel.

If you're planning on uncovering all of the hotel's secrets, then The Medium should take you roughly seven to eight hours to complete. If, however, you'd prefer to simply enjoy the game's story, then it will take six to seven hours.

How many missions are there in The Medium?

The Medium is divided into 14 missions of various lengths.

Many of these missions consist of a number of objectives which you'll need to complete to move forward. You can discover what your current objective is at any time by opening the item menu.

It's important to note that there are a couple of places, especially in the latter half of The Medium, where the game doesn't give you any objectives or hints about what to do next. If you're stuck at one of these moments, check out our The Medium story guide, which will give you an idea about what you need to do in those sections.

After completing the Medium, you can return to a number of your recent autosaves or you can restart the game completely if you want to experience Marianne's story all over again.

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