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The Medium conference room puzzle - How to send away the souls of the other victims explained

How to find the name of the trapped male soul explained.

You'll encounter the conference room puzzle in The Medium during your quest to find Richard and enter the Dayroom, when, on your way to obtain some bolt cutters, you'll need to send away the souls of the other victims of The Maw.

The 'other victims' are two souls - one of a man and one of a woman. The conference room puzzle occurs when you go searching for the man's name, so that he can finally leave the spirit world.

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Sending away the souls of the other victims in The Medium explained

During your quest to obtain the bolt cutters in The Medium, you'll find yourself encountering two trapped souls - one of a man and one of a woman. If you want to finally reach those elusive bolt cutters, you'll need to free both of them.

The order in which you free the souls is up to you, but you do need to free both of them. To do so, you need to find both their mask and their name.

The right-hand trapped soul belongs to a woman and you find everything you need to release her by following the spirit trail to your right. It will involve some minor puzzle solving and stealth, but it's nothing that complex.

The trapped soul on the left belongs to a man and you'll easily find his mask by following the spirit trail to your left. Uncovering this man's name, however, is where you may need some assistance.

How to solve the conference room puzzle in The Medium

Before we begin, it's important to know that you need to be very careful about which items, and in what order, you interact with during the conference room puzzle in The Medium. If not, you risk losing the ability to interact with certain items and being unable to complete the puzzle.

The only way to fix this situation is to reload one of your past autosaves and attempt the puzzle again.

With that in mind, let's solve the conference room puzzle!

The conference room puzzle is actually split across two different rooms; the first of which is accessed by travelling through the mirror, which is unlocked after you collect the man's mask in the spirit world.

Find the mask, then head through the mirror.

Once you travel through the mirror, Marianne will find herself in an abandoned conference room; head to the left hand side of this room and pick up the phone you find near the open door.

Next, you'll want to listen to the spirit trace on the phone, so that Marianne knows she needs to visit the room across the hallway to discover the man's name.

With this knowledge, head out of this room, up the corridor and through the only open door into the small meeting room.

Once inside, read the attendance sheet which is on the table to learn who was in the room.

The location of the attendance sheet.

This will also allow you to interact with the chairs, but do not touch the chairs at this moment. Doing so may prevent you from interacting with specific items, thereby locking the puzzle and your progress through the game.

Instead, you need to head to the bottom of the room and interact with the ashtray.

The location of the ashtray.

Listening to the spirit trace on the base of the tray will inform you that the man you're looking for didn't like the fact that he had been sat opposite someone called Boris.

With this knowledge, head back to the attendance sheet, still ignoring those chairs, and Marianne will realise that Boris was sitting in seat number nine.

Seat number nine is the chair is the lowest left-hand corner of the room.

The location of chair number nine.

Once you've inspected the chair, walk other to the one opposite it to discover it's number four.

The location of chair number four.

Return to the attendance sheet one final time and Marianne will figure out the real name of the soul she wishes to save.

You can now head back to the trapped soul and see him. Just keep an eye out for the Maw, who will be invisible, and come out of the door for the room containing the mirror as you attempt to leave.

The easiest way to avoid the Maw here is, while holding Marianne's breath and crouching, staying on the left-hand side of the corridor, till the Maw walks out of the door and up the hall. Once it's out of the doorway, you can easily enter the room and run to the mirror.

Now all you have to do is free the man's trapped soul!

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