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The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits are… Ring Fit Adventure characters

Thrown for a hoop.

After Warframe's Lotus was introduced as a spirit last month, I couldn't help but imagine what sort of badass would be introduced next - and it seems my prayers have come true, as the Ring Fit Trainees are making their way to Smash as spirits.

Arriving as part of the "Spirits Fit for a Fight" event taking place between 13th-18th March, three new spirits are being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The announcement is a little unclear about exactly which characters will be added as spirits - the image shows two Ring Fit Trainees, Dragaux and the ring itself - so we'll have to see if the trainees count as one spirit or two.

Given Smash already has Wii Fit Trainer, I guess the addition of Ring Fit Adventure characters is hardly surprising, although sadly that does mean the trainees will not enter the game as fighters. Following Byleth's announcement, there are still six characters yet to be announced for the second season of the fighter pass - which is also due to be the game's last. Then Sakurai can finally sleep.