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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's second fighter pass is its last

Nintendo's brawler will tap out at 88 characters total.

Nintendo's second season of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters will be also be its last.

That's according to Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai himself, writing in his weekly Famitsu column (via Ryokutya2089 and translated by PushDustin).

It means the forthcoming six characters included in Ultimate's Fighter Pass Vol. 2 will be the game's final additions to its bulging roster.

An all-time high of 76 characters are included within the base game, with six already added via DLC. Six more will bring the game to 88 in total.

In contrast, the original Super Smash Bros. for N64 had 12.

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Writing in Famitsu, Sakurai reiterated what he's said already about the forthcoming fighters - that they are already chosen, and were picked by Nintendo rather than him. So don't go complaining to him if there's even more Fire Emblem people.

Sakurai concluded by saying there were no plans yet for another version of Smash Bros., meaning Sakurai will soon be free to work on something else.

Looking after Smash Bros., he concluded, takes over all of his time - and he's been working on Ultimate ever since the series' 3DS and Wii U versions arrived.

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