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The Last of Us trailer spawns new gameplay footage


The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog has shown new gameplay footage from its post-apocalyptic adventure, this time focusing on the threat of its Infected enemies.

The Infected aren't zombies, Naughty Dog is keen to make clear. They are living humans slowly being taken over by the plague-like fungus.

They look like a cross between Davy Jones' barnacled crew from Pirates of the Caribbean and a tentacle-head from Resident Evil.

People who become Infected face a slow descent into one of the creatures - something a few take the quick route out of.

Fully-Infected humans can no longer see and instead navigate via echo-location, producing an odd series of sounds that Naughty Dog hopes will put players on edge.

Earlier designs for the Infected had a more zombie/alien type look. Take a peek at them in the video below.

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