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The Last of Us Part 2 PS5 version reportedly added to PlayStation database

J-Ellie beans.

An unknown figure puts their hand of Ellie's mouth to keep her quiet in The Last of Us Part 2
Image credit: Naughty Dog

A PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us Part 2 has reportedly been added to the console's database.

As spotted by reputable social media account PlayStation Game Size, which is known for sourcing this type of information, a PS5 version of the PlayStation 4 exclusive has been added to the backend of the PlayStation Network.

While The Last of Us Part 2 was enhanced for PlayStation 5 back in 2021, it was not a native port. Rumours continue to swirl that such an edition is - perhaps - on the cards.

The Last of Us Part 2 PS5 Patch - 60FPS Upgrade Tested!Watch on YouTube

Just last month, reference to a "remastered" version The Last of Us Part 2 was spotted on the LinkedIn profile of a Naughty Dog developer.

Meanwhile, earlier in the year, The Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla made comments about "new editions" of 2020's sequel. As part of an interview in July, the composer alluded to an updated edition of Part 2, in which players would be able to interact with his character in Jackson.

"In the new editions you can make me play certain themes," Santaolalla said of his banjo-playing cameo in the game. He stopped short of revealing any more details, however.

Should a native PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us Part 2 indeed come to fruition, it would follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. The Last of Us originally released for the PlayStation 3, before being remastered for the PS4. Then, last year, a PlayStation 5 version was released with the longer title The Last of Us Part 1.

Eurogamer has asked Sony for further comment.

Elsewhere in The Last of Us news, it seems like HBO may be on the cusp of casting its Abby for the show's second season.

Kaitlyn Dever, who played Cassie Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, is reportedly "in talks" for the role, having previously auditioned for the part of Ellie.

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