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The Last of Us leaked multiplayer details point to in-depth clan-based survival mode

UPDATE: See how it looks in screenshots and gameplay footage.

UPDATE #2: Gameplay footage from The Last of Us' multiplayer has also appeared online. More than three minutes can be found below, as posted by Spanish site HobbyConsolas.

The video shows the game's see-through-walls echo location mechanic in action, as well as crafting and lots of general gunplay.

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UPDATE: The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog has released the first screenshots of the game's multiplayer mode.

Amid the flamethrowers and spiky grenades you can also see mention of the collectible Parts, revealed in yesterday's extensive leak.

ORIGINAL STORY: Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is due to launch next week and we've heard nothing about the game's multiplayer mode.

A cause for concern, perhaps? A suggestion that the multiplayer mode is just a box-ticking add-on? Perhaps not - a list of multiplayer details found within the game's demo and posted on Pastebin hint at an intriguing and in-depth survival-based addition.

The big feature appears to be Clans, a groups of off-screen characters you can train and keep alive.

Matches take place over a number of in-game weeks, during which time each human player or team has the chance to gain Clan members or see them die from infection, starvation and enemy incursions.

Your Clan's success and growth are directly affected by your performance during each multiplayer round, in which you collect Parts which are then turned into Supplies. You can then send Clan members on missions to improve their skills, rescue other survivors or simply improve their chances of survival.

There's a huge list of NPC names and status effects describing what they're up to. "[NPC name] is spit-roasting a raccoon," for example. "Gangrene is beginning to set in for [another NPC name]." Your team can also learn abilities (weapon crafting/fishing/botany) which give you perks (a new machete/food/health items).

Your Clan will also have to contend with random events, such as an Infected attack.

Other new details include lists of the game's multiplayer weapons, crafting items and character customisation - the latter of which includes at least 150 different types of hat.

The leak stems from the recent The Last of Us single-player demo, made available for those who bought God of War: Ascension. Watch us playing below.

Naughty Dog is expected to finally speak about the game's multiplayer mode in the coming days.

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