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The Division's companion app has been canned

It "created an imbalance".

Tom Clancy's The Division was going to ship with a companion app on mobile devices that would allow players on the go to interact with their friends playing the main game. That feature has been nixed.

A rep from developer Massive confirmed to IGN that this companion app had been canned because it "created an imbalance" that compromised the team-based competitive gameplay.

That's not especially surprising, given how helpful the remote player would be. The idea behind the app was that it would allow players to control a drone that could rain death from above or magically buff the armour of its teammates. (But we can pretend it's nanomachines if that's easier to swallow.)

Here's how it looked as of two years ago:

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Does that sound appealing to you, or are you glad the feature is being cut?

The Division is due on 8th March for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A beta will launch later this year on Xbox One before arriving on PS4 and PC in early 2016.

For more on the late Tom Clancy's latest, our Tom Phillips caught a sneak peak of The Division last week. He still seemed a little unsure about how the final product would deliver, but he confirmed that car door cover is still in play.