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The Division players find Phoenix Credits farming loot cave

Bullet Taken King.

The Division players have discovered a technique for quickly farming Phoenix Credits, the open world shooter's end-game currency.

Phoenix Credits can be exchanged for blueprints to some of the best guns in the game. They're also hard to come by.

But there's an area where Phoenix Credits can be acquired much quicker than normal - a spot which some are already calling The Division's "Loot Cave", a reference to Destiny's famous farming exploit.

The area in question is near the Autumn's Hope safehouse. Head outside, turn right until you hit a sign for a café. Head left from there and you'll find a group of enemies accompanied by Bullet King, a Level 30 boss.

As a boss, Bullet King can drop Phoenix Credits plus Superior or High End gear.

Players have worked out that by killing the boss but ignoring his friends then respawning from Autumn's Hope, you can revisit the area to find Bullet King back intact. Then simply rinse and repeat.

However, Ubisoft is aware of the trick - it sounds like it won't be around for long. Patch notes for an update due to go live tomorrow suggest this one weird trick should be tested out as soon as possible.

Watch the exploit in action below:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Division Loot Cave - Where to Find It