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The Death Star DLC looks snazzy in Star Wars Battlefront

Get a load of Chewbacca and Bossk's powers - they're beasts!

The Death Star: such a great idea the Star Wars films did it thrice. It's coming to Star Wars Battlefront as paid downloadable content 20th September, and there's a finally a gameplay trailer showing it off.

Most eye-catching are the new spaceship battles, which are actually in space! They've been a glaring omission from Star Wars Battlefront from the get-go but finally they're here, and with all the glitz and glamour EA DICE does so well.

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The space battles form a key part of Star Wars Battlefront's new Battle Station mode that's being introduced in the Death Star DLC. It's a three-phase mode that starts out in spaceships, then moves to on-foot, and then back in spaceships for the iconic 'trench run' from 1977 Star Wars film A New Hope.

There's also a load of new detail released on the new heroes coming in the Death Star DLC: Chewbacca and Bossk.

Chewbacca sounds amazing. His bowcaster is much more powerful than the constantly tweaked Star Card bowcaster. His sci-fi crossbow starts by shooting out only one explosive bolt but for each trait level he climbs he shoots one extra - to a maximum of four. Couple that with his multi-bolt ability, which for a short time doubles the amount of bolts fired, and at your peak you could be pumping out eight-bolt volleys. Bloody hell.

Those four aiming pips...

Chewbacca can also roar or warble or whatever the hell that sound is he makes, and temporarily buff ally soldiers around him to level-three Berserker effect with high armour. Chewie will also gain armour and damage but ally Heroes will only get an armour increase. Chewie can smash the ground and damage those around him, too.

Bossk the lizard bounty hunter, on the other hand, heals himself! He heals himself when he kills soldiers or significantly damages a Hero. He has a temporary predator mode when he enables heat vision, faster cooldowns and increased sprint speed; his Relby-v10 can switch into micro-grenade mode; and he has an escape leap ability that leaves a super-powered Dioxis bomb in his wake. Nuts!

Bossk in heat vision mode.

The Death Star pack is the third lump of paid DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, following the decent Bespin DLC in June and the weaker Outer Rim DLC in March. But arguably Star Wars Battlefront's best addition to date has been offline multiplayer.

The Death Star DLC also packs five new maps, new weapons and Star Cards, and is available either separately for £12 or as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass, which is usually £40 but is currently discounted to £24 on PS4.

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