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Star Wars Battlefront's incoming new mode sounds incredible

Stay on target. Stay on target!

Star Wars Battlefront's DLC might have gotten off to a slow start - I haven't got on at all with the Bespin or Outer Rim packs, but I've enjoyed pretty much everything else that has come to the game since its launch in December - but the next pack sounds like the real deal. Themed on the iconic Death Star, it comes with an all-new mode that sounds like it could be amazing.

Dubbed Battle Station, its fights take place across three phases. The first pits X-Wings and A-Wings against TIE Fighters and Interceptors in space, with the Rebels aiming to down enough Imperial ships to open up the space for a Y-Wing attack on a Star Destroyer. Rebels then attack weak spots in order to bring the Destroyer down, while AI pilots help those playing the Empire defend their prize.

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The second phase takes place on-foot, with Rebels working to extract a droid - who it seems will be no less than R2-D2 - from the innards of the Death Star, while the third phase takes to the stars again with Rebels working to blow up the Death Star. Luke Skywalker and his X-Wing will be available for this phase - while on the Imperial side Darth Vader and his advanced TIE will be working in defence. It's here where you'll likely be able to act out the famous trench run of the original 1977 film.

Which is quite enough to get me a little quick-hearted in anticipation. The Death Star DLC launches next month - and the DLC for Star Wars Battlefront wraps up with some Rogue One inspired maps to coincide with the film's release in December.

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