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Terraria digs Vita early December

UPDATE: Scoop it up today.

UPDATE: Side-scrolling sandbox Terraria is available today on PlayStation Vita, publisher 505 Games has announced.

The handheld version includes a capacity for eight-player online play, plus Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save compatibility with the game's PlayStation 3 version.

Terraria on Vita costs £11.99 or €14.99 with a 10 per cent PlayStation Plus discount (thanks, EU PlayStation blog).

It also includes items from the recent 1.2 PC update - fresh recipes, armour sets and enemies - and touchscreen-enabled controls.

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ORIGINAL STORY: 2D sandbox adventure Terraria launches on PlayStation Vita in early December 2013, publisher 505 Games has confirmed to Eurogamer.

A 4th December release date was spotted in an advert in this week's issue of MCV by

An official announcement is due shortly, 505 said.

The game first launched in 2011 for PC, and has since sold a whopping 3 million copies. It's also out on home consoles and mobile.

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