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Terraria's Labor of Love update is now live

"The game is at its most vibrant and exciting point that we can recall."

Terraria Labor of Love artwork
Image credit: Re-Logic

The Labor of Love update for Terraria is now live and includes a tonne of new features and improvements.

That includes a new World Seed that turns the world upside down, with players tackling magnifying threats until they reach the Surface. There's also a World Seed that mashes all the others together.

The update is free and includes plenty of bug fixes and small improvements, like tweaks to the void bag, rope interaction, health bars, and more.

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The developers posted a message of thanks alongside the update.

"Terraria has always been a labour of love for our team - like a close family member or child to each of us," it reads.

"Underpinning all of that over the years has been your steadfast support - not only in terms of sales (over 46.1 million so far!), but also in terms of your passion and drive to help make Terraria more than just a game. Simply put, the Terraria Community itself is a core part of the Terraria experience."

It continues: "It is humbling to think that this game - born from such humble beginnings - has brought us all together, as a team and as a community. We truly believe that this is the best time ever for Terraria - the game is at its most vibrant and exciting point that we can recall."

The team also notes that a "few surprises" have been implemented in the update for players to discover.

The update is available now across all versions of the game.

You can read the full update notes on the Terraria forum.