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Terraria launches its final content update today - for real, this time

Secret ending.

You'd be well within your rights to think Terraria had finally finished updating earlier this year, as developer Re-Logic declared May's big content update was the game's last. But 2020 is full of twists and turns, and so Re-Logic has announced it's releasing a final update. Again.

Dubbed "Journey's Actual End", the latest update adds the "final" NPC and several new achievements, along with the usual mix of balance changes and bug fixes. There's also new vanity armour, and "the long-requested game credits (done Terraria style!)".

This bonus update will launch on PC sometime today, while mobile players can expect the whole of Journey's End (1.4) to release later this month. As of yet there doesn't appear to be an exact date for 1.4's arrival on console, with Re-Logic last week saying it's still "working on it".

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The previous final update, Journey's End, was intended to be the last content update for the nine-year-old game, but clearly the devs felt a few more tweaks needed to be made in this add-on patch. With the addition of end credits and Re-Logic saying this is "expected to be the final content update", Journey's Actual End seems like it really will be the last - but never say never.

Back in May, Re-Logic also brought open-source mod tModLoader to Steam as free DLC alongside the Journey's End update, intended to serve as a "bridge" between the main game and community-created mods. So if you're looking for new ways to play Terraria in future, this could be the place to go - although Re-Logic is yet to update the mod launcher to support The Journey's End update. I guess there's more work to be done after all.

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