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Terraria: Journey's End coming to Nintendo Switch

Content parity coming across all versions.

Terraria: Journey's End is on its way to Nintendo Switch next year.

The final update to Re-Logic's sandbox game, this release will bring parity of content between all console versions.

The launch is on 4th January 2022, with the news announced in a Terraria State of the Game blog post.

On why the game is launching early next year despite being almost complete, the post states: "While we are confident in this build, every launch has some bugs, and we just don't want to put everyone in a situation where there are issues that everyone is powerless to address."

Elsewhere in the post, a number of bug fixes have been made to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game which will be updated soon. These will also be present in the Switch version.

In addition, the team will soon return to development of the mobile version of the game. "The team is eagerly anticipating jumping headlong into bringing content parity to all platforms in the new year, we just need to get any needed Switch fixes out before we dive in. Not much longer now!" reads the blog post.

On PC, Re-Logic has just released its latest crossover event, this time with indie survival game, Don't Starve Together. It includes new content like bosses, items, and a brand new world.

Terraria has also been nominated for Steam's Labor of Love Steam Award, an award the game has been nominated for several times but never won. Considering this year is the game's 10th anniversary, perhaps Re-Logic could finally score a win.

For the full list of developments, read the blog post in full here.

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