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Telltale's Jurassic Park eyes Heavy Rain

Wants realism, QTEs, goats.

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Telltale's episodic adaptation of Jurassic Park has been inspired by Quantic Dream's thriller, Heavy Rain, according to the latest magazine previews.

So, rather than be cartoony - like Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Back to the Future et al - the new series will be drenched in realism, according to a Game Informer preview condensed by NeoGAF. What's more, there will be quick-time events with meaningful consequences. And puzzles, although examples of them weren't given.

The story of the Jurassic Park game begins immediately after the first, literally groundbreaking (those dinosaurs are heavy) Jurassic Park film.

You won't play as or often encounter the film's main characters (Grant, Malcom, Sattler), but you will run across ancillary characters such as the chief veterinarian and maybe that cow [the goat was raised from beneath the ground -Ed] that was hoisted to its death.

Telltale's plan is to pump out five episodes, with the first to appear on PC and Mac this spring. Console plans aren't disclosed.

Jurassic Park and Heavy Rain also share weather conditions.

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