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Jurassic Park on iOS is iPad 2 only

Telltale's latest packs a punch.

The iOS version of Telltale's forthcoming Jurassic Park tie-in will be iPad 2 only, a spokesperson for the developer has confirmed to Eurogamer.

While its last release, Back to the Future, squeezed onto the original iPad, you'll need the latest iteration of Apple's tablet to enjoy its next effort.

The developer is "targeting" a 15th November launch for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The iPad take will follow on a little later and, unlike its big screen counterparts, be an episodic release.

Jurassic Park is the second iOS game this week to be announced as iPad 2-only, following news that the forthcoming port of PC puzzler Machinarium won't run on older tech.