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Teens react to the NES

"It looks like a brick from 1920."

What do today's teenagers think of the 31-year-old NES?

A dozen participants - including Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams - were shown Nintendo's retro game console in the latest episode of The Fine Bros' popular YouTube series.

Most did not recognise the machine - several teens guessed it was a VCR - although others slowly worked it out after a bit of prompting.

Turning it on and loading a game proved more difficult, however. After locating the cartridge slot, many were amazed when the software did not boot unless you blew on the game cartridge first.

Still, most enjoyed playing Mario and one teen responded that owning a NES had now taken on a new brand of hipster cool - more than "going to Starbucks and reading The Fault in Our Stars".

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