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Teach Rio Ferdinand how to play Halo

And other celebs.

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Microsoft's launched a competition to find the best Halo: Reach gamers in Britain, one of which will lead five celebs as part of the Elite Spartan Squad.

Halo: Reach matches will be played throughout August to find six Halo players who will form their own team.

Another player will join the Elite Spartan Squad and school the celebs.

When Halo: Reach is launched on 14th September, the two teams will play each other.

Yeah, we don't think the celebs will win, either.

The competition was announced this afternoon by two of the celebs in the Elite Spartan Squad: Manchester United and England footballer Rio Ferdinand and The Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury.

Channel 4 presenter, model, DJ and "very good gamer" Jameela Jamil and England rugby star and "dedicated gamer" Ben Cohen are also members of the squad.

That leaves one spot up for grabs for a mystery celeb, to be announced in the next few days, and another for the mere mortal who proves to be the best.

Standing on a stage in the Cabinet War Rooms in Westminster, London, and not looking injured at all, Rio Ferdinand said some things about Halo: Reach.

"We can't wait for this young man or young lady – whoever it's going to be they'll be young, younger than us – to come in our squad and lead us.

"His or her voice won't be as deep as ours. They'll be squeaking and telling us exactly where to run and who to shoot."

They won't be younger than 16, though, will they Rio?

"When we're changing nappies and putting our kids to sleep they're gaming. They're ahead of us. They've got more hours in the game.

"We're playing catch-up all the time. But the talent we possess, we're not far behind."

So Rio, what do you think about Halo: Reach?

"I'm really excited," said Ferdinand.

"I just love the team games. That's what I try and play online a lot of the time. The brilliant thing about online is you can speak to people.

"It's like playing football. When people are doing stuff wrong you can tell them.

"Because people don't know who I am online, because my Gamertag isn't Rio Ferdinand, you can shout at them. I can scream at them. If we're losing I can go bananas."

Isn't your Gamertag a derivative of Rio Ferdinand, Rio Ferdinand?

"It's similar, yeah. I don't want to give it away."


While you're wondering whether England would have done better at the World Cup had Ferdinand been part of the squad, have a gander at the recently released Halo: Reach campaign trailer below. Brrraaappppp.

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