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Surprise! Splatoon 3 announced for Switch

But you'll need to wait until 2022.

It barely seems like yesterday we waved goodbye to Splatoon 2's last ever Splatfest (it was in January, as it happens), but Nintendo is already raring to get back out onto the battlefield, this time in form of the newly announced Splatoon 3...but you'll have to wait until 2022.

Aside from that rather hilariously anticlimactic release date revelation, the rest of Nintendo's announcement trailer is a hoot, featuring a squid kid and companion chum wandering across a post-apocalyptic desert wilderness - complete with upended Eiffel Tower.

One rusty train ride later and we're in the chaotic high-rise sprawl of a brand-new plaza, known as Splatsville, at which point Nintendo graciously swaps cinematics for a first proper look at Splatoon 3's take on the series' familiar paint-flinging gunplay.

Splatoon 3 - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

It's an absolute treat to have confirmation that one of Nintendo's best creations is getting another turn on Switch, even if its release date is still some way off. Hopefully we'll have more news on Splatoon 3 soon.

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