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Surprise Psychonauts update announced

Achievements, Mac version, iOS app, more.

A substantial update for the PC version of Double Fine's adventure classic Psychonauts has dropped in from out of nowhere.

The developer today announced that Steam users can download a patch that adds in achievements, cloud saves and modifications that make the game's infamously tricky Meat Circus section a little easy to manage.

On top of that, awesome-sounding private investment outfit Dracogen Strategic Investments has stepped up to help fund a Mac version of the game, available now on Steam and the Mac App Store.

"I have been a fan of Psychonauts and Double Fine for a long time," commented Dracogen CEO Steven Dengler, "and I'm extremely happy to be helping them bring their games to new platforms like the Macintosh. All hail the supremacy of Dragons!"

Finally, there's also a new iOS app up for download.The Psychonauts Vault Viewer lets you view the game's Memory Vaults with newly-recorded audio commentary from creators Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell.

The game originally launched on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in 2005. Not played it? Eurogamer's Psychonauts review should explain why you need to catch up.