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Psychonauts 2 test gameplay features a familiar location

See fig.

Our latest look at in-development platformer Psychonauts 2 has revealed a familiar-looking location.

Double Fine's crowdfunded sequel isn't due for release until the far-off future of 2018, but is already looking lovely.

At least, its shiny new 3D engine is certainly impressive, and to show it off Double Fine has recreated the classic camp location from Psychonauts 1.

This area has been rebuilt from scratch simply as an internal art test. There's no plan for it to be featured in the sequel, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer states in the video below, so enjoy it now before it is gone for good.

The video also showcases some of the new moves to be featured in the sequel. Stand by for psychic duplication and psy-knife throwing, because why not.

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All of which begs the question, why isn't there a Psychonauts remake on the way?

Psychonauts 2 smashed its $3.3m funding goal on Fig back in January - 11 years on from the release of the original Psychonauts back in 2005.