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Oslo's City Hall is chiming the Super Mario Bros. theme

Note worthy.

Oslo's City Hall has begun chiming the theme tune from Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo's classic soundtrack can be heard at 8pm sharp every evening, ringing out from the building's set of bells.

Originally composed in 1985, the ditty has been covered in countless ways - but never before, to our knowledge, from a Scandinavian municipal centre.

And that's not all - pop back at 11pm and you'll hear Subwoofer Lullaby, a tune you'll recognise by ear if not by name.

Composed by C14, it is the probably the most memorable tune in Minecraft's soundtrack.

Oslo's City Hall marks 8am by ringing out John Williams' famous Harry Potter theme. Midday is marked by John Lennon's Imagine. Turn up at 6pm and you'll hear Electricity by Motörhead.

Avoid 7pm - that's Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

Oslo's official page lists the City Hall bell's full soundtrack. There's a different melody at the top of every hour.

Hear the City Hall's version of Mario below. You'll have to turn up for the others.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Mario theme played at Oslo City Hall (Norway)