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Super Mario Bros. speedrunner sets seemingly impossible world record

"That was it!"

Speedrunner Darbian has done what was once though impossible, completing an entire run of the original Super Mario Bros. in four minutes, 56 seconds and 878 milliseconds.

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Prior to this, the record was four minutes, 57 seconds and 194 milliseconds, a time set by speedrunner kosmicd12 only four days ago.

Darbian noted that their sub 4.57 run was "a time that was considered nearly impossible just a few weeks ago." Indeed, we're talking about a difference of 316 milliseconds here. Watching kosmicd12's run looks seemingly perfect, until Darbian came along and performed an excursion even more refined, somehow.

Amusingly, Darbian had a heart-rate monitor set up, showing how much this run got his blood pumping. For much of the run his bpm is 80 or 90-something, but towards the end it shoots upwards of 140. It gets even higher during his exuberant victory celebration. That was it alright.