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Sunset Overdrive video details eight-player co-op mode Chaos Squad

Vote on missions, then defend against a final assault.

Insomniac has revealed the first footage of its upcoming open-world action game Sunset Overdrive's co-op mode, Chaos Squad.

Cover image for YouTube videoSunset Overdrive's Multiplayer Experience - Chaos Squad

Available for up to eight players, each person votes on a mission for the gang to embark on together. This eventually culminates in a mission type called Night Defense where all eight players work together to guard a stash of Overcharge energy drinks from mutant zombie monster things. The more mayhem you create during the Chaos Squad missions leading up to this, the more difficult the Night Defense climax will be.

Succeeding Night Defense will reward players with cash, weapons, and other loot to be used in either single-player or multiplayer modes.

Sunset Overdrive is due on 28th October exclusively on Xbox One.