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Stunning $190 Destiny figures pack Thorn, Ice Breaker, Shattered Vault cloak

Hunter and Warlock join the Titan.

The company behind the cool Destiny Titan figurine has revealed its models for the Hunter and Warlock classes.

Bungie and 3A plan to release $190 (about £145) Hunter and Warlock 1/6th scale figures in three editions, each with a Ghost and an arsenal of weapons.

Here's the edition Hunter, whose armour uses the Chatterwhite shader, wears the Shattered Vault Cloak, and packs the Ice Breaker sniper rifle. It's basically my year one Hunter.

The Bungie Store edition of the Hunter uses the Goldspiral Shader, wears the Dead Revolution cloak and packs the Fatebringer hand cannon - probably Destiny's best year one primary.

The edition Warlock wears Chatterwhite, too, but packs the Thorn exotic hand cannon. One for all you cheap year one Thorn fans out there [I beg your pardon? - Ed].

The Warlock goes on sale on 7th July, the Hunter on 21st July, both with worldwide shipping.

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