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Street Fighter 5's Urien is making people knock themselves out

How irritating.

Street Fighter 5's latest downloadable character, Urien, is a fan-favourite for a few reasons. Chief among them is he's got a habit of making his opponent knock themselves out.

How irritating. For you!

In Street Fighter 5, Urien's V-Trigger is the Aegis Reflector, a move that the Illuminati head honcho has had ever since the days of Street Fighter 3.

The Aegis Reflector is a lot of fun to use because it can reflect projectiles and, crucially, damage and knock back opponents if they dare to touch it without blocking. And it's the Aegis Reflector that's making players knock themselves out.

The video, below, from excellent Street Fighter-related channel YogaFlame24, includes three K.O.s caused by Aegis Reflector that are the Street Fighter equivalent of Urien's poor opponent punching themselves in the face.

The first K.O. shows Ryu attempt to finish Urien off with his Critical Art, but in the motion of throwing out the super powerful hadoken, he clips the Aegis Reflector and is defeated. Ouch.

The second shows Ken wake up with an EX fireball only to see it hit the Aegis Reflector and come back to smash him in the face. To be honest, Ken kind of deserves it.

And the third is another Ryu self K.O., even better than the first. You'd think his Critical Art wouldn't touch the Aegis Reflector, but it does.

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The moral of the story? If you see an Aegis Reflector, run away. And whatever you do, don't hadoken.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the pro players do with Urien, who's only been out for a couple of weeks. Already there's some eye-catching play doing the rounds. Japanese player Kenryo "Mago 2DGOD" Hayashi has taken to Urien and is doing spectacular things, such as the below.

Lee Chung Gon, aka PoongKo, is also experimenting with Urien. Here's a compilation of the Korean pro climbing the online ladder.

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He's got potential, this Urien chap. The next Seth?

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