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Starfield: Starborn walkthrough

What to do after you encounter the Helix.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

The short main quest 'Starborn' in Starfield starts after completing the previous quest 'All That Money Can Buy' and is little more than a meeting in the Lodge.

During the course of the game, after the said mission, you will be contacted by a ship named Helix from the ranks of the Starborns and asked to hand over the Artifact Ny you obtained earlier. You can either follow it or keep it and grav jump to escape. Either way, this quest starts with us asking Noel to talk about it in the Lodge.

Talk to Noel

The first encounter with the Helix. Decide whether you want to hand over the artifact or flee. A fight followed by ship destruction is also possible. | Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

The lady is interested in the data analysis from the ship's sensors, immediately calls a meeting with the other members of the Lodge and raises a few interesting questions on the subject.

Hear what people have to say and when Sarah addresses you directly, decide for yourself how you want to classify this strange encounter in space. We'll find out more about this as the game progresses.

Add the artifact to the collection

We'll have to find out more about the Starborns as the game progresses. | Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Completing the quest now depends on whether you kept the artifact or handed it over. In the first case, place it on the pedestal next to the others.

Otherwise, the brief discussion is over, as is the actual quest. It starts the follow-up quest Into the Unknown and possibly some activities. We will also receive 5000 credits and a helmet as a reward.

It will be a while before we gain more knowledge about the Starborns. Until then, you can do other things and follow Vladimir's new quest. Talk to him right away, he's sitting at the table.

Note: There may be a bug here that causes Vladimir to disappear from the Lodge after the meeting. To be on the safe side, save before the dialogue with Noel. Also, try to place the artifact beforehand, not after if you still have it. In this way, the problem could be reconstructed and solved.

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