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Starfield install size revealed, available to preload now

Get some space.

A Starfield screenshot showing an astronaut standing in a barren, mountainous environment gazing up at a ringed planet visible in the hazy sky.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield is now available to preload on Xbox Series X/S consoles and PC, meaning we now know its install size.

On PC, the game is 139.84 GB. On console, it's 100.19 GB for Standard or 117.07 GB for the Premium Edition, which includes a digital artbook and soundtrack, skin pack, and the Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release).

The game will be available to play on 6th September, unless you bought the Premium Edition offering access five days earlier.

Starfield Gameplay Trailer | Xbox Games Showcase 2023Watch on YouTube

For Steam users, preload will begin on 30th August and will require 125 GB of available space.

Starfield remains a bit of an enigma even this close to launch, although some new details emerged yesterday courtesy of a Discord Q&A.

We now know more about its housing system, its jail, and the fact players can expect 20 companions to join them on their journey through space.

For all the details on Starfield's release, check out our Starfield launch guide.

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