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StarCraft Remastered has a release date and price

Join the fight.

In March Blizzard announced its award-winning sci-fi real-time strategy StarCraft would get a modernisation. Finally we have a release date and price.

StarCraft Remastered launches worldwide on 14th August and will be available for Windows and Mac PCs for £12.99.

The remastered version will see a full graphical upgrade to the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion. Other features include:

  • Widescreen UHD support for up to 4K resolution
  • New matchmaking and leader boards
  • Player profiles that track individual statistics
  • Cloud saving for campaign progress, hotkeys, and replays
  • Higher fidelity music and sound
  • The ability to switch between Remastered and the original StarCraft with the click of a button
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The game is now available for pre-purchase from the Blizzard shop. Those who pre-order before the release date get exclusive in-game rewards, including three unique building skins for use in StarCraft: Remastered - the Char Hive, the Korhal Command Center and the Aiur Nexus. Keen players who pre-order also get digital bonuses in StarCraft 2, including the Alexei Stukov co-op commander and three unique portraits that celebrate StarCraft: Remastered.

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