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StarCraft Remastered out this summer

It's about time.

Blizzard has announced StarCraft Remastered, due out this summer.

The revival of the classic real-time strategy game includes 4K visuals, modern online play and LAN support with Blizzard Friends and Matchmaking.

Blizzard has remastered all the units, buildings and environments, and improved the game audio. Comic book interludes tell the original story with a fresh coat of paint.

However, the gameplay remains unchanged, which is good news for StarCraft purists - the first game in the series, which came out in 1998, was widely praised for its asymmetric factions and meticulous balance.

StarCraft Remastered includes the original game and the expansion, Brood War. What's cool is Blizzard will make the original StarCraft free, and let those who own it and the remastered version play together online. GG!

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StarCraft: Remastered

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