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Starbreeze announces asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight

One first-person killer hunts four third-person survivors.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons developer and Payday 2 publisher Starbreeze is partnering with developer Behaviour Interactive (Naughty Bear, Wet) to make an asymmetrical competitive horror game called Dead By Daylight.

The premise pits four survivors against one killer in a game of cat and mouse. On paper it sounds very similar to the recently Kickstarted Friday the 13th game in which a player assumed the role of Jason Voorhees attempting to slay seven camp counselors. The difference with Dead by Daylight is that the killer plays from first-person, while the survivors have a third-person camera granting them more environmental awareness.

The killer will be more powerful, however, with special abilities like swifter movement. They won't all be teen horror slashers either, as some monsters will be of a more paranormal nature.

Stages will be procedurally-generated too, so you can't rely on the regular camping spots as you must scour the scenery for items to craft and traps to set.

It's certainly a promising premise and while Behaviour's extensive track record is hit-or-miss, Starbreeze is fairly exacting in what projects it chooses to pick up. Definitely one to keep an eye on anyway.

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