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Star Wars Battlefront to get free Hutt Contracts soon

Looks like Jabba's offering a DL-18 and... Dengar's Blaster?

Part-way through a new trailer montaging free Star Wars Battlefront content we're told something called Hutt Contracts are coming soon.

The announcement is followed by a clip of Jabba the Hutt presenting hologram projections of guns, before the words "unlock new gear" flash on screen, and a soldier is seen firing one of the guns. That's all the information given.

What are the guns?

There's been some collective identification on the game's forum and the pistol is undeniably the DL-18 - a weapon Luke pointed at Jabba in Return of the Jedi before being trapped and forced to fight the Rancor.

Jabba with what must be a DL-18 because...
There's Luke pointing one at Jabba...
Just like this soldier in the trailer...
And here's Lando holding one still for a picture.

The other gun is a long-range, scoped rifle of some kind and is harder to ID, although there's convincing evidence it could be Dengar's Blaster - a gun referred to in the game's files, apparently. The shape roughly fits.

Jabba holding a scoped rifle of some kind that looks a bit like...
Dengar's Blaster. But...
Dengar's Blaster also looks almost exactly like the already available DLT-19.

Note that this is declared as free content so will have nothing to do with the March paid DLC Outer Rim, which doesn't have a solid release date yet.

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