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Star Wars Battlefront looks like it's getting more offline modes soon

Plus Lando confirmed as part of Bespin update in June.

EA's Star Wars Battlefront could be getting its much-requested offline mode bolstered, with an official blog post outlining the updates coming to the predominantly multiplayer shooter hinting there'll be more options coming soon for those that want to play without an internet connection.

Lando Calrissian was also confirmed as one of the next heroes coming to Star Wars Battlefront, with the smooth-talking smuggler arriving as part of the Bespin update that's now been dated for June. The Bespin update will also reintroduce AT-ATs, suggesting there'll be a shift towards the larger maps that were missing from the close-combat focussed first DLC drop (lord knows how they'll get those hulking walkers up to Cloud City, though).

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Dengar, the Corellian bounty hunter who appeared in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, will also be coming as part of the update, and EA promised another four heroes would be coming as part of the next two DLC drops that make up the Season Pass - one centred on the Death Star, and another with an unannounced theme landing later this year (our money's on a tie-in with forthcoming Star Wars film Rogue One, set in the same time period as Battlefront).

There'll also be more free updates, double-XP weekends and in-game events, as well as a suite of activities planned for May 4th - or Star Wars Day. As for what those offline modes will be? We'll wait to see, but hopefully it'll be enough to scratch the itch The Force Awakens actor John Boyega spoke about recently on Twitter.