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Star Trek Online to feature PVP, classes

More details emerge from official FAQ.

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Cryptic Studios has published an official FAQ for Star Trek Online that answers a few more questions about the in-development MMO.

At the game's first announcement and official unveiling, Cryptic revealed that it would come to both PC and console, feature a mix of on-foot and space-faring adventure, and make every player the commander of his or her own ship, with a customisable NPC crew.

In the FAQ, Cryptic adds that, although all players will be Captains, they will still choose familiar and iconic career paths that define their playing styles.

"Your character will still be able to choose from a variety of career paths, such as Engineer, Tactical Officer, Doctor, Science Officer, etc. Your career path is your root, and will affect your skills, and how you command your crew," the FAQ reads.

"Consider Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, Worf and Kathryn Janeway. Picard was an archeologist and diplomat, Crusher was a doctor, Worf a security/tactical officer, and Janeway was a scientist. Each eventually chose a career in command and became ship captains."

The FAQ also confirms that the game will feature faction-based player-versus-player combat under certain rules, which will not change from server to server.

Players will compete for territory and resources in the Neutral Zone, a "competitive PVE" (player-versus-environment) area where consensual player battles are an option. No-holds-barred PVP will take place in certain outer reaches of space.

The economy will be based on a barter system, since the Federation has done away with money. Players will be able to fight together in space fleets, or add other player-characters to their away-teams for on-foot combat, in place of NPC crew.

The FAQ notes that Cryptic has used some of the concept art from the game's previous life at the doomed Perpetual studio, but that the engine and design were all its own work.

Cryptic said it "would like" to be allow console and PC players to play on the same servers, and said there was "nothing technologically to keep us from making it so". It also noted that it had not decided on whether the game would be subscription-based or not.

Star Trek Online is due out within three years. For media and info, visit the gamepage.

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